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Quarantine Wellbeing | Part I


Hello internet! Elena here from the MODG Team to talk about wellness during this strange season. The COVID-19 pandemic has been going strong for most of the year at this point, and there aren’t any signs of it slowing down soon. Living in the era of a pandemic and quarantine has meant lots of lifestyle changes, which can lead to emotional instability.  We are here to say we are grieving what was and what could have been, but we’re looking forward with hope and making some changes to help tomorrow, next week, and so forth.
We’ve put together some thoughts on things that have helped us cope and things we’d like to do to adjust to our new normal. Let us know what things have helped you!



1. Ask yourself what is one thing you could do today to make life better or easier?


When my husband and I lived overseas and everything about life was abnormal for us, we would regularly ask this and act on it. Sometimes it was making something in our space more comfortable—like finding fabric and a seamstress to make duvet covers to go over the ones that came with our fully furnished apartment. Sometimes it was setting aside the time to find the right ingredients for and cook our favorite dish from home. In a similar way, we are all outside of our normal right now and could use some grounding.
What could that be for you? Deep cleaning the oven? Trying a new recipe? Decorating the front stoop for the season? Replacing a hated light fixture? Refreshing a room with a new paint color? Whatever it is, try something to help make life at home a little easier, a little fresher every once in a while.


Image Credit: Melanie Olson Design Group


2. Turn an unused/underutilized space into a WFH area.


In this season, working from home (WFH) is a reality for many of us. It might be fun and easy for some, but it can be challenging to focus, separate work life from home life, and work through less than ideal technology. We don’t all have large homes with formal rooms we only use for holidays, but many of us have spaces that we can find an underused corner in. Even if its not a permanent change you plan to make in your home, try transforming an area into a dedicated WFH space.


Image Credit: Melanie Olson Design Group


Here are some helpful tips:
  • Get a work surface at around the 30” height
  • Invest in a desk chair (task chair) that is comfortable and promotes a healthy posture
  • Purchase noise-canceling headphones
  • Add a desk lamp (task lamp) to make sure your eyes aren’t strained
  • Find a few office accessories to help you organize your workspace
  • Consider blue-light glasses to help relieve strain on your eyes from looking at a computer screen
  • Evaluate your window treatments—do you need to make a change to reduce glare, give yourself privacy, bring in more light, or control heat?
  • Look into upgrading your internet service
  • Check with your employer as you make these changes–you may be eligible to get some financial assistance for these items!
When you are ready to rethink a permanent space in your home, give us a call to help you design it to go to work for you. For now, here are some of our favorite ways to add a little intention to your workspace:
1. Brass Bookend   2. Daily Drafter Tablet  3. Cement Wastebasket  4. Rattan Table Lamp  5. Desktop File Sorter  6.
Leather File Sorter
1. Nesting Trays  2. Monitor Stand  3. Office Organizer Cart  4. Paperclip  5. Letter Board  6. Acrylic Wall Organizer  7. Desk Calendar


3. Make your bedroom a true retreat.


Being a new mom, this one rings so true. With a newborn taking over so many areas of our life including how we slept, finally reclaiming our bedroom for just us was A GAMECHANGER. Beyond this specific scenario, however, making any bedroom a relaxing, personal space will hopefully help with one of the most important factors in health—good sleep!


Image Credit: Melanie Olson Design Group
A couple considerations for good rest:
  • Consider your paint colors—do light, bright colors sound refreshing, or do dark moody colors sound comforting? Paint accordingly!
  • Is your bedding up to par? Think comfortable fabrics, coordinating layers, fresh pillows, and appropriate seasonal warmth. Maybe it’s time to add flannel sheets or a throw on top.
  • Do you have the best window treatments? The right ones will give you light when you want it, block it when you don’t, and make a dramatic visual impact. Room-darkening curtains are key to your good sleep into the morning.
  • Do you have the right lighting for the many uses of your space? Overhead lighting, bedside lighting, and accent lighting are all important factors to consider for your bedroom. Maybe an articulating sconce will give you the right control over your light for reading at night.
  • Are your pajamas soft, comfortable, and the appropriate weight? It may be the right time to upgrade from old t-shirts and sweats. Great pajamas help keep you just the right temp!
On top of the bedroom basics, consider adding elements to address your other senses:
  • A diffuser can help your space smell nice and the right scents can help you relax.
  • A sound machine is an important tool to help you block out unwanted noises, but these sounds can also guide you into a peaceful state before sleep.
  • Add a sleepytime tea to your routine to help you wind down.
Designing a relaxing bedroom is what we are good at, so give us a call if you’re ready to have us envision a complete room for you.
Here are some of our go-tos:
1. Flannel Sheet Set  2. Sound and Light Machine  3. Rest Herbal Tea  4. Chunky Knit Throw  5. Swing Arm Wall Sconce
6. Washable Silk Pajamas  7. Fragrance Diffuser


4. If you can, get outside for a fresh perspective.


The great outdoors is a proven antidote for the crappy attitude. We’ve all had some pretty crappy attitudes about this year, but we still have the opportunity to choose hope and joy every day. Getting outside helps. Changing environments helps redirect your perspective.
So, try going for a picnic or playing at a park. A walk can do wonders for your physical health, too. Even consider just relocating your work outside for a short time. Reading a good book, drinking a sweet tea on the porch, or doing some gardening can be refreshing, too.


Image Credit: Elena Kaloupek


That’s all our tips for today. Grab a friend and try something new and let us know how it goes! Stay tuned for Part II of our Quarantine Wellbeing tips coming soon. Make sure you don’t miss it by subscribing to our blog here.
Thanks for tuning in,
The MODG Team