The Process

Connect and Discover

This is our great opportunity to get to know each other, so tell us… how do you live in your home every day. Tell us… who lives with you, who comes over and visits you, and even tell us about your pets.


We want to know so much about you and involve you. The more we know, the better we understand. The more we understand, the better your design will be.

Design and Presentation

This is where the word “details” comes and takes the lead. It’s all about the details in the design…the fabrics, the finishes and the styling.


We’re reaching out to our rich resources of craftspeople and artisans—those who have refined their talent (and their passion) to the greatest level: cabinetry, tiling, wallpaper (so many papers, so few walls!) and more.


In the design phase, we’re also looking for those incredibly special pieces that mean so much to your, your family and your history. Showing them to us means we’re searching looking for the absolute right place and absolute perfect ways to incorporate them in your new home’s design.


We weigh the options with you in a presentation, and refine them to make sure they fit all the beautiful details that make up your life.

Implement and Reveal

There’s no denying that when we reach this phase we’re getting really excited.
Once all of the design elements are fine-tuned, our team seamlessly implements
manages the coordinating of all the many, many moving parts. (Storage? Check. Delivery? Check. Receiving? Check. Returning, Yes sometimes it happens and so we’re managing that, too.)


We’re executing complete installation and the big reveal of your home. When that day comes, we’ll be taking the plans and installing everything based on what we designed, planned, selected, accessorized, knick-knacked, and swooned over along the way.


And when you’re in love with your beautifully designed new home, it’s our hope that your…life is lived happily ever after for many years to come!