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Mood Monthly: Scalloped Edges


Its time for Mood Monthly, and today we are doing a deep dive on the Scalloped Edges trend you are probably seeing everywhere in interiors If you haven’t noticed it yet, you will now! It’s a sweet and creative detail that has made its way into lots of decor items that are easy for anyone to pick up and add to a room (hello Target and Home Goods!) However, in interior design we are seeing it applied broadly to architectural detail, furniture profiles, and all over linens, pillows, window treatments of all kinds. Its these kind of details that really amp up a room to look designed, and not just decorated.


Raise your hand if you have seen a scalloped wood valance over a kitchen window hailing from the 50s like this one? They were prolific, and have been an often removed element in updating a kitchen. When we think of scalloped edges now, we are looking at a new profile, a fresh take. And while we are seeing a scallop return to window valances, we haven’t seen it return the way it was done in the 50s, and thank God for that!


The scallop we are seeing is a continuous half-circle instead of the sweetheart edge with curves and points like in the kitchen above. We think the sweet detail is *perfect* for rooms for littles and are especially seeing it pop up in nurseries and kids rooms. However, it is not limited to this cutesy feel and is being used in serious, adult applications like bathroom vanities, dining chairs, countertop edges, wardrobes, and more. We’ll prove it to you!

First, we wanted to show you scalloped edges in linens–bed linens, window coverings and valances. Its a soft look to add to already soft areas of the home.



Next we see the scalloped edges show up in furniture. Chairs, ottomans, sofas, tables, beds, you name it! We have seen it all over by now and are loving adding a touch of it to even a mature room to add a bit of whimsy.



And our final category is architectural detail. Building this profile into wood paneling, cabinets, shelving, and countertops is committment– so as long as you aren’t placing this feature all over a room, we think it has some staying power as a touch of quirk, interest, and whimsy!


We hope you are inspired and saw a variety of styles and nearly every application covered in our inspiration– you could use it anywhere!

Check out some easy ways you can incorporate the scalloped edge into your home. We’ve rounded up some beautiful pieces for you: linens, furniture, and decor are great starters to dip your toe in. Come back and see us when you want more!

01 | Throw Pillows   02 | Piped Edge Drapes   03 | Roman Shade   04 | Jute Rug   05 | Contrast Napkins   06 | Bed Linens   07 | Striped Napkins
08 | Block Print Tablecloth   09 | Linen Lumbar Pillow   10 | Block Print Pillow


01 | Rattan Ottoman   02 | Banquette   03 | Striped Headboard  04 | Side Table   05 | Side Chair   06 | Accent Table   07 | Slipper Chair
08 | Woven Accent Table   09 | Ottoman   10 | Wool Viscose Rug  11 | Mohair Side Chair

01 | Mirror   02 | Rattan Tray   03 | Greeting Card  04 | Matchstick Pot   05 | Pleated Lamp Shade   06 | Sconce w/ Woven Shade   07 | Cachepot
08 | Wood Shelves   09 | Pie Dish   10 | Marble Catchall  11 | Rattan Window Valance



I bet a few of you already have some scalloped edges in your homes, but if not, we’d love to help you incorporate it. As you can see, there are a thousand ways we can dream up.

Thanks for tuning in,