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Mood Monthly: Chocolate Brown


We are reviving Mood Monthly today, to bring you inspiration from a trend we are seeing pop up recently: chocolate brown for interiors. Design is cyclical, and while you may be surprised at this color revival, we can say that the implementation of it in new spaces has been nothing less than stunning.

While walnut hues have long been a favorite wood color adorning our furniture and flooring, it steers clear of the 2010’s famous espresso wood color that was popular on so much fast furniture and builder-grade suburban flooring. We’ve seen this deep brown slowly making its way into more grounded, earthy, textural decor and furniture, but lately we are also starting to see it in traditional spaces, modern and scandinavian designs, and luxe and bohemian textiles alike. This color trend can go as muted as a tonal-almost-black color and as saturated as a dark cognac. We are seeing it come back into kitchens (wood and painted!), architectural elements, furniture, and all over wall color. Its a softer, more approachable turn from the recent high-contrast black trend.


                             via: Ashley Montgomery Design                                                                                                           via: Amber Interiors


                             Christina Rottman via: House Beautiful                                                                                                      via: Barry Dixon


                                            via: Studio McGee                                                                                                 Ashley Whittaker Design via: 1st Dibs
via: Jake Arnold


 Young Huh Interior Design via: Domino

Beautiful spaces, right? We just love to see how designers can take something that has felt dated and done and do a fresh take on it to make it feel like you’ve never seen it before.

Check out some ways you can incorporate this comforting, casual color into your home. We’ve rounded up some beautiful pieces for you, whether your taste falls in the realm of global, california casual, eclectic, traditional style or anything in between.


01 | Area Rug   02 | Dried Grass Garland   03 | Mohair Sofa   04 | Chaise Lounge   05 | Wall Mirror   06 | Table Lamp   07 | Dining Chair
08 | Mohair Sphere Pillow   09 | Linen Lumbar Pillow   10 | Block Print Pillow


01 | Throw   02 | Wood Bed   03 | Abstract Pillow   04 | Velvet Pillow   05 | Art   06 | Woven Bench   07 | Wood Coffee Table
08 | Dragon Pillow   09 | Ruffled Pillow   10 | Wool Viscose Rug  11 | Mohair Side Chair



And just for fun, a few chocolate designs we stumbled across at market last week, right on cue!



What do you think, are you surprised to see brown back on the scene? We’d love to see what you do with it!

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