Get the Look: Easter Decor

Easter is right around the corner! Are you ready? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a guide to some last-minute Easter decor styles and some product to help you Get the Look. We’re itching to get in the Spring mood with some beautiful fresh greens, pastels, and festive celebrations. Let’s dig in.


Elegant Pastels


First off, a take on traditional elegant pastels. Its an elevated look that can go traditional or modern depending on your home’s style, but retains that classic Easter look. Choose a color for a simple fresh palette or layer in a few light colors that can pull into your dishware, florals, and even your food! Make sure to leave room for some white and your metal of choice (silver or gold) to keep the decor looking springy and and fresh.






Simple & Clean


For those that love a simple, clean palette, we’ve rounded up inspiration for an elevated look. The key here is to keep your palette limited to neutrals and layer in textures like wicker, linen, ceramic, wood, marble, or plaster. When you think of florals, wreaths, and garlands, stick to varied greens and white flowers. While the palette remains restricted, go gangbusters for variety— pull together roses, easter lilies, daisies narcissus, hellebore, baby’s breath, wheat, eucalyptus, olive branches and more to get a full look.






Bright & Colorful


While some prefer simplicity, this one is for the “more is more” crowd. Easter doesn’t have to stay in the pastels but can be celebrated in bright, colorful décor as well. One way to do go bold is to focus on vibrant florals and stems like anemones, ranunculus, tulips, and magnolias paired with crisp whites and selective colorful décor. Another route is to focus on the color coming from your dinnerware, glassware, and vases and leaning into chinoiserie prints to flood your tables with color. This is a fun opportunity to play with color and mixing patterns that you don’t have to live with forever.





For the Kids


Who doesn’t love decorating for the kiddos this time of year? Easter is such a whimsical holiday and lends so easily to exciting, celebratory décor. Obviously one can lean fully into bunnies, eggs, carrots, and the like, but doing that while still retaining some class is the difficult part. A few tips for doing this well: first, think about what you are wanting to achieve for your kids. Is it a wow moment that they wake up to? Is it a game that they play? Is it a feeling you want to have around the house? Decorate accordingly. Second, choose a palette and stick to it. Third, stay away from plasticky, cheap-looking items and try to find Easter motifs made from more natural materials like wood, fabric, and paper. Fourth, have fun with it. If you’re having fun, chances are your kids will too!






That’s all folks. Happy decorating and an even happier Easter to you all!

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