Get The Look: Christmas Decor



CHRISTMAS. Such a fun time to decorate our homes. Don’t we all love a good styling session with wreaths, garlands, mantels, and trees while blasting Christmas tunes? Over the years some fun and distinct Christmas styles have emerged and we are here for it! We’re admittedly a little behind since Christmas is only a few weeks away, but there’s still time to layer on some added OOMPH or plan ahead and buy for next year (plenty of Christmas decor is on sale already)! We put together some mood boards of a few styles, some products to point you in the right direction, and a little advice on how to get the look!


Tradiontal Red, White, & Green


First up, your traditional red, white, and green Christmas. You can’t go wrong here, its just feel-good Christmas. Stick to the palette, taking down other decor in favor of putting in some pops of red or green. Having a white canvas goes a long way in achieving a crisp look, but work with what you’ve got!  We love the elevated look of velvet or long draping ribbon to accentuate your greens. Red berries are your friend here, and boxwood can add a little touch of formality. Some matching outdoor wreaths and garland can really take this traditional style to the next level, and will do exceptionally well with symmetrical architecture!

1. Fresh Berry Wreath  2. Garland, Wreath, and Planter Set  3. Red & White Tree Skirt  4. Red Velvet Ribbon  5. Red Berry Wreath  6. Knit Stockings 
7. Metal Tree Collar  8. Embroidered Stockings  9. Ball Garland


Rustic Lodge


Next we’re looking at the rustic lodge vibe, because who doesn’t want to curl up in a cozy cabin this time of year? This style really thrives in a rustic-feeling space. Lots of wood, stone, and mood going on. Here’s to hoping the dog comes with the look, too! It’s really all about layering on the heavy boughs and embracing the pinecones. The look of fullness in your wreaths, garlands, and swags creates that homey, surrounded-by-nature feel. If you want to create this look in your non-lodge home, bring in logs for the fireplace, and maybe layer them into the decor elsewhere. Ever hear of tartan? Plaid? Buffalo check? Now is the time. Some good candle displays will bring in the hygge, and finding ways to accent with a fresh pine bough can make any vignette festive! And again for good measure- don’t skimp on the greens!

1. Fresh Pinecone Wreath  2. Sheepskin 3. Fresh Swag  4. Fresh Garland  5. Plaid & Faux Fur Throw  6. Tartan Stocking  7. Glass Vases
8. Plaid Wool Pillows  9. Tree Basket

White & Gold Glam


So you’re a maximalist at heart–don’t worry, we got you! The best way to transition from Christmas to New Year’s is to go glam and keep some of your “winter-looking” non-Christmas decor around after the celebrations are over. This gold and white style lends really well a classy winter look. Think frosted everything, metallics, mercury glass, and just BIG. Big tree, big ornaments, big bows, over the top displays (because why not?). Blend in some silver and champagne for a bit of depth in the palette. Lace ribbons and bows through every little corner and make it feel like its bursting with charm. This is an easy one to incorporate your home’s colors into as well. Have a dark blue kitchen? Add some accents of blue into that room’s festive winter palette.


1. Gold Magnolia Garland  2. Metallic Ornament Set 3. Metallic Ball Garland  4. White & Gold Ornament Set  5. Metallic Star Topper  6. Flocked Garland 
7. Metal Olive Wreath  8. Flocked Wreath  9.  Faux Fur Tree Skirt


Cozy & Neutral


Let’s jump back to something simpler for the minimalists in our lives. A cozy and neutral look is gaining more popularity for its casual ease. Simplicity is key. Stick to your greens, whether traditional boughs or fresh eucalyptus, olive, or boxwood, but refrain from heavy adornment. Wood beads, knits, and poms for some texture, and simple draping ribbon to add some romance. A lightly decorated tree. Neutral, muted tones, or no color at all beyond the fresh greens. Find the biggest impact areas in a space to decorate–fireplace, entryway, vent hood– and then refrain from adding festive decor to every vignette. Let it breathe!


1. Fresh Swag  2. Chunky Knit Throw  3. Pom Garland  4. Fresh Eucalyptus Garland  5. Velvet Ribbon 
 6. Linen Stocking  7. Wood Bead Ornament  8. Wood Bead Garland  9.  Vegan Leather Tree Skirt  10. Olive & Thistle Wreath  11. Knit Tree Skirt


Colorful & Bright


Here’s one more for the maximalist and let’s be honest– the kid in all of us. A colorful and bright Christmas can be a fun touch of wonder for young kids, or just right for those who live their lives unafraid of color. This trend is bursting with bottle brush trees everywhere, colorful little houses or villages, poms up the wazoo, and fun painted nutcrackers. This style is key to working with what you have going on in your home. Be careful to match your home’s existing colors and draw them out! White, flocked, or even a colored tree adds just the right punch of fun and a canvas for your color palette of choice. Metallics can thrive here to make the look go glam, or those accents can be light wood for a more Scandinavian look. Its an easier look to do indoors than out, but get creative and add some colorful bulbs or ribbons to your outdoor garlands and wreaths. Pink is used often in this style, but orange, blue, and a generally non-primary palette can happily thrive. Working with what you’ve got is KEY! Take those colors and go berzerk, add more layers, find another corner to spruce. Really, if you’re here, are there any rules anyway?


1. Bottle Brush Tree Set  2. White Tree  3. Velvet Tree Skirt  4. Pom Wreath  5. Colorful Ball Ornaments  6. Pom Ornaments
7. Christmas Village  8.  Pom Stockings  9. Nutcracker  


So, which look is your favorite? Are any of these your go-to Christmas style? Mix-and-match depending on the room? Can’t wait to see how you’ve styled your home for Christmas!


Thanks for tuning in,



The MODG Team