Formed For Function: Nightstand Styling


Today we want to talk about nightstands and how we can make them better—better functionally and better looking! We love putting that extra touch on a bedroom by styling the nightstand, an often missed opportunity! Although there are endless combinations, we’ve identified a few killer combos. But first, let us caveat that all of this depends on your existing constraints and preferences. Let’s list a few to give you a feel of how customized this process really is!


Do you have a tall bed or a short headboard? Do you have a petite nightstand or a large chest of drawers? Do you have a drawer to store small items/phone & charger or do you need to work these into the decor? Do you prefer sconces or a table lamp? Do you read a lot at night or keep your nightstand pretty book-free? Do you love fresh flowers or something less fussy? Do you want to have personal photos near your bed or would you rather display art? Do you love having a water carafe and glass nearby?


The questions are endless, but be sure to ask yourself some of these before you start. A great place to differentiate how you want to use the surface of the nightstand is how much space you want to take up with a light. If you have a small surface, it may be best to use a sconce on the wall or a skinny lamp. If you have a lot of space to style, do the reverse and use a large/wide lamp (Option 3 is for you)! We made a combination for each of these scenarios to get you started.


Small Nightstand



Wall Art/Mirror

Stack of Books

Small Vase/ Catchall




Medium Nightstand


Skinny Lamp

Wall Art/Mirror

Stack of Books





Large Nightstand


Wide Lamp

Wall Art/Mirror & Tabletop Picture Frame

Stack of Books







There are a lot of categories of sculptural items you could incorporate to suit your needs, so don’t get too caught up on the idea of a sculpture if thats not your thing, we have tons of ideas below. Also consider selecting aesthetic versions of your utilitarian items to go with the decor for the nightstand. Here are some items to think about incorporating!

  • Clock/Sound Machine/Alarm- find a pretty one that does double duty or something small you can hide behind something else
  • Coasters
  • Tray
  • Box to store items/remote
  • Phone charger/ charging station- get beautiful ones, hide your cords behind a stack of books, or upgrade your nightstands to be powered
  • Water carafe & glass set
  • Book Ends for vertical book display
  • Candle/Oil Diffuser
  • Hurricane
  • Kleenex box cover
  • Large Bowl
  • Vessels/Canisters

Here are a few out of the box ideas we are loving!

  • Mixing a table lamp and a sconce
  • Using a long pendant to hang over the nightstand
  • Using a floor lamp nestled up to the nightstand
  • Use your sconce as a piece of art on the wall with a little glow
  • Continue your headboard behind your nightstand
  • Pair two mismatched nightstands together on either side of the bed, mix up your nightstand decor as well!


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DECOR: We’ve pulled together some pretty decor items for your nightstands, be it vessels, clocks, book ends, picture frames, you guessed it!

LIGHTING: Here is a compilation of some great bedside lighting options- we’ve got sconces, skinny lamps, and wide lamps galore!

PRACTICAL: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the practical options, like water carafes, tissue covers, stylish coasters, and valets/ catchalls for your end of the evening earring, ring, or cuff link drop.

TECH: And for you that need tech incorporated, we found a few chargers, functional clocks, and sound machines that won’t mess up your beautiful nightstand styling.





So, are you ready to style your nightstand instead of just let it happen to you? It can be a beautiful thing, done right, and who doesn’t get better rest when chaos is a little more constrained, items a little more put in place?

Thanks for tuning in,