Formed For Function: Broom Closets


Who doesn’t love a Spring deep clean? Show of hands…well, some of us don’t, even if the results are both refreshing and rewarding. But what if your cleaning implements were actually stylish, not clunky, actually possibly beautiful? And the way you stored them- clean-looking, organized, and sharp? All of this without losing function? It IS possible! We will prove it to you. We’ve rounded up some beautiful cleaning organization inspiration, as well as  a bunch of products aimed at getting you there. Whether you have a broom closet, a broom cupboard, a laundry room or even a wall out in the open, there are ways to make your cleaning needs accessible, organized and pleasing to the eye.


Broom Closets & Cupboards


So you have a broom closet, or a broom cupboard, or some way to effectively close off the viewing of your cleaning implements. So helpful, yay for you! But do you hate to open the door because its a terrifying look at a cobbled-together-over-time-mish-mash? Or does this space have to function in so many different ways it is overwhelming? One thing that is especially helpful in broom closets is to think critically about the space you have- is there floor space to slide in a rolling shelf unit? A sliver of wall to put a broom in? An unused side of your door for hanging? Have no fear, many have conquered this area before you and have clever solutions to show you.


Some good repeated ideas in these spaces above are:

  • containers or baskets that corral small items on a shelf
  • pegs or hooks to hang brooms & mops effectively with room for smaller items
  • transportable carryall to grab & go your cleaning essentials
  • a mix of hook systems to fit into different corners and open spaces not taken up by shelves
  • a tetris-ing of all available space
  • beautiful cleaning implements that coordinate- a set of white, options with wood components, modern versions with black accents
  • a cohesive mix of colors & textures that are repeated


We’ve pulled together some pretty cleaning implements for you to find what style works for you. Wood handled beauties, clean white or sleek black tools.



And some containers for you to pick from. Do you like wicker baskets? Classic metal buckets? Soft fabric bins? Clear acrylic organizers? Pick your poison:






For those that are not blessed with a close-able space, there are still many ways to hang and display your cleaning implements in a visually appealing way. First, let’s note that the style of your brooms, mops, buckets, etc. matter much more when they are viewable, so that would be the first place to start. And, as is evidenced by the lack of vacuums in these photos, it may be the priority item to find a place to conceal. But finding a hanging system that works for you and your style of home is next up on the docket. Would a shaker-style peg rail fit your aesthetic? Would a wood peg board feel more like you? Or would a brightly painted wall with a clean shelving system be right for you?



Here are some great ideas we love from the inspiration above:

    • peg rails that look like an architectural feature of the wall; they sit on top of an wall treatment like beadboard or wainscoting or are painted along with the wall below
    • use of color on the wall to make the area feel intentional and thought about
    • hanging baskets for easy access and storage of smaller items
    • multiple rail heights for hanging long and short items
    • a shelf above to a peg rail to store small items or style out
    • baskets to conceal things we don’t like seeing
    • use leather straps or s-hooks to hang your tools on hooks or rails
    • art! we love using all our spaces to infuse our aesthetic, and art does this seamlessly


We found a few sweet options for rail and hanger systems to hang your supplies out in an open area, stylishly:



And for those other final touches, we’ve got you covered. I think we all need a cute step ladder, some not-loud rubber gloves and cleaning cloths, and some sustainable glass bottles to hold our home-made cleaners and remedies. Oh you don’t do that? You will want to now!






So, are you swayed? Motivated to go clean and organize your cleaning area? Get some beautiful cleaning implements in your arsenal and I promise you, cleaning will be just a little more appealing.


Thanks for tuning in,