Father’s Day Round Up!


Late to the Father’s Day game? We’ve got you covered with some gifts our dads and husbands have loved most over the years, winners in their categories! Father’s Day is just around the corner so its time to pull the trigger on getting something special for him that he’s been looking at–or let’s be honest, that you’ve been looking at for him, because who’s dad or husband ever has a list ready when you need it? Whether he likes quality clothes, prefers to spend his time outside, is a handyman, or just needs a classy desktop organizer (wink), we’ve found some favorite items that our loved ones love. And even if you’re already way ahead of us, we’ve got some ideas you are going to want to put in back pocket for the next holiday.


01 | Waxed Trucker Jacket   02 | Whiskey Tasting Glasses   03 | Wireless Charging Tray   04 | Laser Measuring Tool   
05 | Slim Leather Wallet   06 | Smokeless Fire Pit    07 | Floral Shirt   08 | Lou Malnati’s Pizza   


The one category we admittedly have little to help to offer in is sports. So if the dads in your life are all about Sunday Night Football or March Madness, we can’t help you. But if you have the perfect gift in that category, leave us a comment for the next round. 🙂


So, we’re curious, do you have any tried and true gifts? Anything that has been a hit that hasn’t made it to the list? Maybe you have a Father’s Day tradition instead–we’d love to hear it! We are always looking for inspiring ways to celebrate the Fathers in our lives.


Thanks for tuning in,