Using Wallpaper in Small Spaces

We’re excited to share some of the work MBD team has created together here on the blog today! This bright and colorful laundry room we designed seemed like the perfect place to start (because who couldn’t use some happy color during cold, grey winter months?). Can you believe this laundry room is actually in a basement? You’d never know that looking at it now!


There tends to be this idea out there that it’s against the rules to use bold wallpaper, prints or colors in small spaces but we think the exact opposite! It’s a perfect opportunity to make an impact and we’d love to show you how and why.

Here’s why…

Save a little $$: Wallpaper is often a big investment (as in pricey!) and a small room means less square footage allowing you to splurge on a pattern or color you love without spending the kind of money you would using it in a large room. A little goes a long way here!

Committing is easy: Since most smaller spaces are rooms we don’t use all day (well, some days you might feel like you’re doing laundry…) there’s less chance you’ll grow tired of a pattern. The fear of getting bored of wallpaper often scares people away from using it. This is the time to go for it!

Create some space: Tiny rooms don’t just have to be white to look larger. Using the right scale pattern can make walls visually recede and draws the eye around the room so it feels larger then it really is. Tricky huh?

Element of surprise: It’s so great when a utilitarian, kind of forgotten space such as a laundry room, closet or powder room has a wow factor like this. It’s unexpected and takes something ho-hum and makes it exciting. Laundry isn’t such a chore in a room like this!

So here’s a few tips to try in case you’re convinced it’s a good idea (it is!)…


Start small: Try just an accent wall. If budget is a factor or you still feel timid about wallpaper, a single wall with a print you love will give you a similar effect. Love it? Go all out in another little room.

Look up: They call the ceiling the 5th wall and often it’s left white. A little color and pattern won’t hurt it!

Get inspired: We plan to be back with some of our own favorite wallpapers but browsing through Pinterest, instagram or Houzz is a good place to see whats out there for prints and patterns and you may fall in love with one you just have to try!

Try paint: If you can’t pull the trigger on wallpaper a fun color or even painted stripes is a good start.

Think about scale: small spaces aren’t the best for really tiny prints but too large and there won’t be enough of a repeat in the pattern. Order samples and tape them up to get a good idea if it will work (Or contact us, we love to help!).

What do you think of wallpaper? We love that it’s become popular again with so many gorgeous designs available! Are you inspired to give it a try in your home? We hope so!