Designer Quarantine: Projects We’ve Been Up To At Home.

“When fishermen can’t go out to sea and fish, they mend their nets.”



Oh what obstacles we are facing in these tough and challenging times! This quote reminds me what we are doing at home to take care of our nets. We are missing our old lives, work, our “normal” everyday ebb and flow, and our friends, family, and clients. This new world has opened our eyes! We all have different life circumstances and deal with stress differently. As we care for our loved ones and try to keep our sanity while things are rapidly changing everyday, we find peace in knowing that we are all in this together. As a design team we also find comfort in knowing that there can be some level of peace amidst the chaos if we focus on creating solutions. As a small team, we have all been tackling tasks or projects at home to make our worlds feel a little bit calmer.   We are trying to get that laundry list of home projects done. Here’s a look into what we have been up to.


Janna McCalley

I’ve been taking the time to put the finishing touches to our kitchen with the DIY projects I didn’t have time for before. Over the weekend, my husband and I installed a kitchen range hood in our family kitchen. Now I’m dreaming up plans for the landscape in the yard and painting rooms that need a new feel.

Image: Janna McCalley

Lauren Sawyer

Our family has been excited for the warmer weather!  With my 2 small kids and an additional child I’ve been watching,  my husband and I think it is the perfect time to start thinking of additional space we can gain by outdoor seating. I was gifted a new to me fire pit with seating and I’ve been busy working on creating that new outdoor seating area. To make it fresh for me, I purchased new cushions for the seats and new tiles for the surround of the fire place.


Stephanie Althoff

I’m an avid gardener, so I’ve already started green thinking! It helps me keep the worry off my mind that tends to creep in some days. I have purchased a few packets of seeds that I’m going to start soon though I know it’s a little late for start up. Also my hubby and I are always trying to decide between rock or mulch in the yard. For me mulch makes it a better “playing” garden as I can easily move things around. The hubby likes to have more of what is already there. He doesn’t know it yet but I already have a plan for exactly where the new flower bed is going!

Image: Stephanie Althoff

Cynthia Olson

I have been spending time focusing on making sure my family is just getting through everyday struggles. These crazy times have thrown us all into circumstances that didn’t quite come with instructions in the adulting handbook. With 4 kids and 3 adult members working from home, we’ve had to create separate work areas for the daily workload in rooms that previously were used for other things. One of the older kids bedrooms, is now a classroom and the dining room is the communal craft room. With so many things to do and people in the house, I have to give myself some grace, take a deep breath, and make sure the chocolate is stocked up!


Susie Sosa

I have 2 teenage kids at home and a 3rd shift husband who still goes to work. During the day we all need a place to work quietly to make sure we’re also respecting all our sleep schedules. To help keep the workflow going and give myself a place I can retreat to, I’ve been working on putting together a home office in the guest bedroom/art room. Making it an inviting atmosphere,  I’ve been adding new hardware pulls to the desk, painted an off white colored paint to offset the grey furniture, adjusting the furniture layout for a better work and visual flow, and adding new drapery to help soften the room.


With all the “busy work” it has also giving me time to think.  We’ve been given the opportunity for a clean slate.  What will I let go?

I’m also reviewing my own home, trying to edit my art, accessories, outdoor landscape, etc.  Taking time to make my home office space truly inviting, and a place I’m happy to be!

Image: Melanie Olson

What’s happening in your home? If you feel like you need a helping hand we’d love to discuss your projects and see what we can do to help. You don’t have to wait for the new normal to arrive.  We can help transform your home into your happy place to be today. Give us a call, we’d love to help you.

– Melanie Olson